One More Thing with Jaye & Robert

One Last Thing 7/20: Scarlett Johansson et. al

July 20, 2019


Finally, a week with some big news! We start with Scarlett Johansson's comments and work forward from there, from a bunch of stuff that happened on twitter to Gigi Gorgeous's wedding. And of course, we can't forget the CATS trailer. 

A full transcript of this episode is available at 

Scarlett Johansson – 0:34

Straight Pride – 4:41

#CheerUpCharlie – 6:07

Gigi Gorgeous – 7:17

The Gay Footballer – 9:02

Miley Cyrus – 11:23

Pete Buttigieg – 12:50

Richie Torres – 15:04

Lil Nas X – 16:30

CATS – 17:45

Kevin Spacey – 20:49


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