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One Last Thing 7/20: Harry Styles, Batwoman, Vegans, Rebecca Sugar, and more

July 20, 2018

This week’s recap of Pose is brought to you by the exciting news that, thanks to us and absolutely no one else, POSE HAS BEEN RENEWED FOR A SECOND SEASON!!! We briefly speculate on what Sunday’s finale and the second season will bring, then move on to the news of the week, of which there’s kind of a lot? We start out with our potentially controversial and somewhat heterophobic take on Harry ”#loveislove” Styles, then move on to the CW’s new Batwoman TV show, which prompts an in-depth investigation on the differences between Batwomen of various universes. After touching on veganism and some engaged porn stars, we start to discuss Rebecca Sugar and Steven Universe before uncovering some shocking Disney Channel-related news. And, of course, we close out the week with a requiem for Scarlett Johansson’s career. RIP Rub n Tug!

A full transcript of this episode is available at

Pose recap – 0:29
Harry Styles – 13:26
Batwoman – 17:01
Gay porn stars get engaged – 21:25
Vegans – 21:54
Rebecca Sugar – 23:46
ScarJo update – 26:09
Preview of Monday’s episode – 27:44

"The Telephone Hour" – Bye Bye Birdie (Original Broadway Cast)

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