One More Thing with Jaye & Robert

The Singleist

August 27, 2018

On our season three finale (!) we take a deep dive into the world of dating and queer relationships. We start off with a conversation about our current dating lives (or lack thereof), and then call in our moms to discuss our dating histories. After we hear from them, we move the conversation outside of our families a bit to our friends and interview two couples we know about their histories and the specific issues they face. First Jaye talks to Shelby and Ever, who pass as a cishet couple but aren't, then Robert talks to Joe and Marcus about being together for almost ten years (since they were literally seventeen), and spending four of those years as a long-distance couple. Then we move on to couples older than us: return guest Reverend Micah Bucey and his husband Matt Cleaver, and Robert’s cousin Sarah and her wife Maddie. They tell us about their histories, give some advice, and are just generally very sweet. We close out the episode by debating whether we would hook up with our fans (our DMs are open), which leads us somehow to our most detailed act out of all time, including a dramatic third-act twist you won’t see coming. It’s a jam-packed, 105-minute episode to take us out of our third season. We’ll see you… soon?

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“Digital Witness (Instrumental)” – St. Vincent
“Let’s All Go to the Lobby”
“H&M Summer 2017 Mix”
“My Heart Will Go On (Instrumental)” – Prague Symphony Orchestra
“Heaven is a Place on Earth (Scenester Synthwave Remix)” – Belinda Carlisle/DJScenester

‘13 Going on 30’
‘When Harry Met Sally’
‘Definitely, Maybe’
‘Glee’ (Season 2, episode 16)
‘A Nightmare on Elm Street’
‘Simply Irresistible’
‘San Junipero’

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